Bar Etiquette

It is important to maintain bar etiquette when you are having drinks with your friends and family. There is no rule that you have to follow etiquette in a bar. You should not be penalized for not following rules in a bar. Etiquettes of the bar are created over generations.  Bar can be considered as a social surrounding. Therefore decorum should be maintained in a bar as well.

In United States of America, most of the people are used to bars. In order to avoid children and family members they usually go to a bar. There are few bar etiquette people need to go through before entering a bar.

Bring Cash

It is better to carry cash in a bar. Time can be saved in this fashion. By giving a credit card to the bartender you are depriving him from his tips. The bartender may not take it happily. It is not ideal to carry forward credit card just for a drink. In the process credit card can be lost. Going to an ATM after a drink at a bar is not a good option as well.

Should not have water

Bar is created for alcoholic drinks. Therefore you should not ask for water in a bar. You should have your drink happily. It will not dehydrate you. Alcohol poisoning is not possible with the alcoholic beverages. Without having a glass of water you can stay calm and rational in a bar. Therefore water can be avoided in a bar.

Acquire Knowledge about drinks

It is always important to know about your drinks. You should not ask a bartender about a drink. It does not look decent as well. Therefore you should ask for a drink after entering a bar. It is better not to waste too much of time in a bar.

Careful Ladies

Ladies should stay within their limits. Bar is usually considered as a men zone. If you have entered a bar in order to show your charm then you should be careful. You should not have over doze of drinks. It will enable you to stay sober and away from danger as well.

 Please avoid Blackberry Margaritas

Long ordeal is needed in order to make blackberry margaritas. Therefore if you are in an airport waiting to catch a flight then you should avoid blackberry margaritas. It takes 10 minutes to make. Therefore you can waste a lot of time on the margarita.

Seats are not taken

If someone goes to a rest room after a drink then you can easily take the seat. It is not possible to book a seat in a bar. You can shuffle a seat in a bar. You do not need to come back on the exact seat like a restaurant in order to get your drink. By shuffling your seat you can make conversation with different kinds of people. It will enable you to extend your social circle as well.

Never seat in threes

A triangle of conversation can be created in bar if two person seats in a row and other stand. It is very interesting to look from the outside. In this way you can keep your conversation secret in a bar. However you can alternate seat between friends.

How to Play Darts at a Bar

In order to grab the attention of the customer, bar owner need to introduce darts as a fun game at a bar. There are few things that the bar owner should add in the bar. Dart barrel, dart shaft and dart fight are interesting ingredients of the dart. By knowing these elements of dart you can win a game of dart easily in a bar.

Dart Barrel

With the perfect dart barrel you can win a game. As the wings of the birds help it to fly in the sky, in similar way dart barrel helps to stick the dart in the board. Therefore it is important to choose a dart according to the grip, diameter and weight. Various styles can be seen in a dart grip. You can choose from a diamond cuts, knurling and rings. The weight and diameter of the dart depends on the material of the dirt. It can be made with brass, nickel or silver. You should choose a dart that allows you to grip properly. It will enable you to have an easy release as well.

Dart Shaft

Spacing between the dart barrels is determined with the help of the dart shaft. Various kinds of materials are used to create the shaft of the dart.  It can be made from nylon, polycarbonate or aluminum. With the help of the dart shaft, spinning style is chosen. It will possible to hit the dart at a close grouping with the right kind of dart shaft. A dart shaft should be chosen that enables you to have a flat trajectory.

Dart Fight

It is possible to find dart fight in various shapes, designs and sizes. According to your speed a dart fight should be chosen. You should experiment with different kinds of dart shaft in order to select right kind of instrument for yourself.

Instruction for playing dart

After entering in to a bar you should request the barman to arrange the best dart. You should practice a bit before the final game. Basic rules of the darts should be applied. You need to stand at least five feet behind the dart board in order to give a shot. It is possible to have three turns. You should hit the dart in an alternate manner. It will enable you to see moves of the other player as well. You should to aim at the bull eye. However you can also make points by hitting other areas of the dart board. With the bull eye you can score up to 50 points. By hitting other areas you can score points in 20s.

In most bars, you can play either start from 301 or 501. You need to come back to zero as fast as possible in order to win the game of dart. It is better to aim for double while playing dart at a bar. It is better to play around the clock in order to hit the board at an ascending order. You should hit the bull eyes first in order to win the game.

Difference between Types of Beer (Lager, Ale)

When it comes to beer it is so much fun because you have different option to choose form and you will find it very enjoyable in making your own beer. Beer is classified into two different types based on the temperature of the process of brewing. Beers which are brewed at lower temperature are known as “lagers” beer and the beer which are brewed at higher temperature known as “ales”. The regional differences of ale have categorized into three subclasses such as “brown ale”, “pale ale” and “stout”.

As stated before Ale types of beers are brewed at very high temperature and with high fermenting yeasts. For the fermentation process of this type of beer usually temperatures are use in between 60-70 degree Fahrenheit. The high fermenting yeast generates a huge amount of esters, aromas and flavors with this temperature. A fuller bodied and sweeter beer is the result of such brewing procedure. Most ale has a tendency to have flavors of fruits such as strawberry, orange, dessert apple etc. Sometimes you will also find ale beer with butterscotch and blueberry flavors. At warmer temperature the taste of having ale beer is just awesome along with its robust, bitter and complex tastes.

Lager is the most widely consumed beer all around the world. From a German word meaning “To Store” the word lager comes from. Its name has chosen as lager because in this process beers are stored in caves or cellars at the summer time for brewing.  The beer continues to ferment during the storage time period and it generates light, clean and dry beer which is loved by all. Alike ale the lager brewing process uses low0fermenting yeast and the process have two steps make the beer. In the first of fermenting process the temperature used in fermenting lager beer is 45-55 degree Fahrenheit. In the second step 32-40 degree Fahrenheit temperature is used. The second step of the fermenting process lasts much longer which is known as lagering and in the phase the beer clears and molds.

Above described beers are the major types of beers but they have different types of colors. Pale amber lagers with light color and high carbonation are the most selling beer in these days. To produce darker colored beer a portion of darker malt is usually used in the time of brewing. Sometimes caramel, unmalted barley are also used in making darkest beers such as stouts. The alcoholic substance of the beer produced during the process of fermenting due to the breakdown of the sugar. The amount of sugar and yeast used in the ferment process decides what amount of alcohol will be there in the beer. Sometimes extra fermentable sugars are used in the process of ferment to increase the alcoholic amount in the beer. Alcohol is basically a toxic and by product of yeast metabolism.

Another fact about ale and lager is lager takes much time and it is more difficult to make compared to ale. If you want to enjoy different tastes then ale is the best option but if you want to taste a clean and dry taste then lager would be good.

A New Look at Some Traditional Drinks

Traditional drinks are created according to choices of the native people of the land. In addition to people, environment and culture has also influenced traditional drinks. Some of these traditional drinks are served for centuries. Modern pub are innovating these traditional drinks. However they have not yet discarded the traditional drink from the menu due to its importance on the mind of the people. In this article we will be providing a list of traditional drinks from various countries of the world.

Mexican Traditional Drinks

Mexico is known for various traditional drinks. Most of these drinks are made of fruit, nuts and milk. Variation can be found in these drinks. It can be served hot as well as cold. Few of these drinks are brought from Spain.

Horchata is a Mexican traditional drink for the summer season that has been brought from Spain. Nut, sugar and water is the main ingredient of this drink. Lemon juices are added in some cases as well.

Alcohol is a prominent part of the Mexican traditional drink. Margarita is one of the popular drinks in the United States of America that has come from Mexico. Various color and flavors can be found in the margarita. It is a frozen drink that is blended with the ice. Origin of the margarita is still unknown. However it has become widely popular after 1930s.

Various styles of beer can be found in Mexico as well. Corono and Sol are one of the renowned brands of beer in Mexico that has made its way in the United States of America.  Pulque is also beer that is made from sap. Tequila has been hailed from the Mexico as well.

These Mexican traditional drinks can be incorporated in the parties as the recipes are widely available in the recipe books.

British Traditional Drinks

Most pubs in the United Kingdom are known for their beer. It can be found in bottles as well as from the tap. It is dark drink that is made from hops and malts. However with the time cold beer has become popular. It is lighter in the shade. It is also called stout in Ireland. It is possible to have a pint or halves in beer as well.

Cider is very popular in the western part of the Britain. It has made from apples. Cider is usually distinguished as sweet and dry.

Polish Traditional Drinks

Vodka is a popular drink that has been originated from Poland, Ukraine and Russia. 40 % alcohol has been used in the Vodka. However it is distilled with the water in 2:3 ratios. Sugar beets, potatoes and grains are needed in order to make Vodka. It can be described as the national drink of Poland and Russia. Stobrawa potato that is planted around Poland is known to be the main ingredient of Vodka.

Nalewka is preferred by the women as it is made from fruits, herbs, flowers and spices. However there is 45 percent of alcohol in this drink. It is a popular drink among both the men and women.

Overview of Toronto Tourism

Toronto is where the ethnic diversity meets the cultural divergence. Here, thousands of tourists arrive in to gaze the diverse beauty of the land and its culture. The vivid historical phases of this land have made sharp memories on its land that reminds people of the past time. However, it has got much more than just the old memories. Facing modernization, the place stands with tangy flavor of historical cultural along with modern life. It is a city of museum, festive eve, sports and celebration. The people often come here just to witness the adorable events on the special occasion in the year.

About Toronto

Toronto is the largest and the most populous city of Canada. It is also the provincial capital of the Ontario. The location of this city is beachside of the lake Ontario which enhances its natural beauty.

What to Enjoy

There are much more to enjoy in Toronto than what a person would have thought about. Let’s start with art and culture.

  • Art And Culture

The major attraction of the Toronto is the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) which is open all days a year. The adjacent component is the Art Gallery which portrays a blend of the historic phase along with stepping up modernization in the city. Moreover, it is a city full of museum and art centers. In fact, you can enjoy the graffiti arts on the street made by some of the top notch experts from worldwide.

  • Theaters

Not just the still arts, but the city also values the performing arts. This enhances the creative enjoyment in the city which most of the tourists seek for. Multiple theatres are ready to serve tourists.

  • Food

The next exciting thing for which the tourists come to Toronto is the food. Here you will vivid style of food depending upon which time of the year you visit it. The winter and summer food are much different from each other. Side by side, a bit Italian, Greek, Chinese and Caribbean style will be mixed in it.

How to Reach

The Ontario airport it connected with all across the world. Still, many people prefer distant airports so that they can enjoy traveling through the special Ravine system of Toronto. This is a special transportation network which is made through the urban forests running vivid parts of city. The smooth road and lush green area is highly soothing for the people and rejuvenate their tourism spirit, illuminating the boredom long flight hours.

Overall Impression

Toronto can be seen as one of the major tourism spots of Canada. It is a place which can be visited with the family, friends or even alone. The city presents an optimized platform to enjoy in each situation and will present something new every time your visit the city. The festival is ever new for the tourists, no matter how many times they visit it. They will always find new to enjoy the festive mood of Toronto. In short, it can be seen as the major point of attraction all across the globe.

How to start a new bar

While creating a new bar an image of laughter, merriment and fun come to your mind. Music of the bar compels you to come in to the dance floor. It is possible to open a sports bar to enjoy the excitement of game in a big screen with friends. Opening a new bar seems like the best idea. However it can be a troublesome job to create a new bar. Hard work is needed in order to build a bar. You need to stay long hours in the bar.  You should have adequate experience to deal with the unruly customer. New bar can be opened with adequate ease if you have clear vision. You need to do a little research in order to decide on various aspects of a new bar.

In order to have a successful bar you need to understand the reason behind the failed bars. Lack of knowledge and budget can be defined as the cause of failing bars. Therefore it is better to open a bar in collaboration with reliable and trustworthy friends. If you do not want to become an active partner of the new bar then the paperwork should be done adequately in order to avoid difficult situation in the future. If you have a family then you should decide on the hour of operation. It will enable you to give enough to your family as well.

Type of the new bar

Before creating a new bar, it is important to decide on the type of the bar. You can research a bit in order to have a bar according to choice

Neighborhood Bar:

Neighborhood bar can be considered as an American version of the English pub. It is possible to find a neighborhood bar in every nooks and corner of the country. Regular customer can be achieved with this type of the bar. It can become a favorite place of the neighborhood to catch up with the friend after work. Duration of this bar is decided on the basis of the customer. Therefore it is possible to close a bar before actual timing. Various entertainment tools such as pool tables, juke boxes, darts and video games can be arranged in these neighborhood bars. If you see there is a place for a bar in the locality then you can own a neighborhood bar.

Sports Bar:

With the time it has become one of the most popular bars for the sport loving people around the world. It can be created on the line of the neighborhood bar. If you like the opulence of the bars then you can go for high end sports bar. If you are creating a high end sports bar then you should conduct an adequate research for that. Menu option of the sports bar is filled with the burgers, sandwiches, appetizers and pizzas. Sporting events are main attraction of this bar. Therefore various kinds of sports event can be enjoyed in this bar with drinks in the company of friends.

Brew bar:

Brew bar is also known as beer bar. Large selection of beers are offered in these brew pubs for the enjoyment of the customer.

Alcohol: Its Uses and Effects

It is an organic compound in which Hydroxyl is bound to a carbon atom. It is generally referred to as ethyl alcohol, which is the major component in alcoholic beverages. It is found in the nature itself, i.e. in solar system. Its consumption may cause medical problems and the effect of the same depends on the primary content.

Types and effects

  • Ethanol, this is 20 times more intoxicating than the other categories.
  • The toxicity in ethanol is majorly because of the presence of ethanal and acetic acid. This component if consumed by pregnant women may cause fetal alcohol syndrome.
  • Tertiary does not cause much toxicity or hangover in the ones who consume them.

From the above it is clear that secondary alcohols are not as toxic as ethanol and one of the reason for this is mentioned below;

  • The secondary components when composed are not metabolized into toxic products by the liver, hence causing no damage to the body. Due to this, these products are used in medicines or for recreational use.
  • The use of other primary categories is not recommended in medicines as they take much more time to get metabolized, and the metabolism process may also create harmful substances which may cause damage to the body.


  • It is used in the alcoholic beverages prepared for the consumption by adults.
  • It is used in a fuel which is used in scientific labs or industries etc.

However, looking at the various harms it can do to the body, the packaging of some of the products have a message saying that the product is free from any of the alcoholic components to ensure customers, that such goods can be safely consumed by everyone and kids too.

Products manufactured with Alcohol

  • Alcoholic beverages: The beverage may contain approx. 3-40% of ethanol within it, and the consumption of the same may be harmful for the body. The consumption of such beverages exists from the historic times.
  • Antifreeze: It can be used for anti-freezing when ethylene glycol is mixed in water.
  • Antiseptics/Medications: They are used in antiseptic, and is applied before giving injections. Gels and soaps can be made with it and is mostly used in hotels or a restaurant as its use does not requires drying.
  • Fuels: Ethanol and methanol can be used as a component in fuels. The performance gets enhanced, as the use of the components pressurizes the air, providing a dense air charge which allows more fuel giving more power to the engine.
  • Preservative: It is also used as preservatives in medicine and science field.


Hence from above, we can clearly understand that it is a toxic chemical which can both cause harmful effects to the body and can also be used in favor of us. However it is suggested that its use should be minimized, especially when it is consumed to have pleasure. As this pleasure may affect lots of people around, like accidents caused while drinking and driving, or behaving in awkward ways in public or getting indulged in fights, as one may tend to lose his senses if high on the alcoholic beverages.

All You Need To Know About Nightclubs

Nightclubs are the best way to let off steam. A place synonymous to fun, music, dance and entertainment, a nightclub is a great place to hang out with friends after a long tiring day at work.  If daily schedules are drowning you and you are looking to let off some steam by catching up with friends over great music, dance and scrumptious snacks, then nightclubs are your scene.

Essentials of a Good Nightclub…

Scintillating Music: –

What is it that separates a rocking nightclub from others in town? Everyone who loves to party has a favourite nightclub they love visiting. If you ask party hoppers and disco crazed clubbers what it that most essential thing that a great nightclub has; all of them will tell you it is the music. A great nightclub is nothing without its DJ. There are many clubs that have theme nights for its attendees. Ranging from Trance to Metal, Rock, Pop and even Country, music in any form is the essence of the nightclub.

A Rocking Ambiance: –

Apart from the music, what lures the attendees to a nightclub is the ambiance of the nightclub. There are many types of nightclubs. If Punk and Goth is your style, you wouldn’t feel comfortable listening to Metal in a refined environment with dainty snacks and warm hues adorning the walls, no matter how good the DJ is. Ambiance plays a key role in making the guests feel comfortable. For instance, a nightclub dedicated to Metal would be a bigger hit if it were decorated in vibrant hues with loud art, rustic furniture and finger foods with beer flowing from barrels.

The Crowd In General…

No person would like to attend a nightclub where the crowd was passé. Nightclubs are a great way of meeting new people, finding dates, catching up with old friends in general and if the nightclub fails in maintaining a class when it comes to its guests, then repeat customers are a far off dream. Management in a nightclub plays a crucial role in this. Maintaining the ratio between boys and girls at the club, when to allow stag entries and when to let only couples go and maintaining the behaviour of the clubbers in general are the strong pillars that guarantee a good time. Some clubs even refuse entry if a clubber is shabbily dressed.


Let’s face it, no one like a public brawl. A nightclub needs to maintain its standard by letting party hoppers enjoy their time in the premises. This means constantly keeping check on the behaviour of the clubbers through trained personnel who are experienced in handling drunk people.

Raise the Bar…

Partying, clubbing and dancing to the thumping music can leave you exhausted and parched which is why guests tend to flock to their favourite watering hole- The Bar. A great nightclub employs experienced bartenders who can man the bar with exotic cocktails, hard drinks and refreshing creations of their own, which create a great impression on the guests, making it a favourite place to hangout.

Nightclubs, in general are a great way to let go and bring some fun into your otherwise boring life. Like they say,’ All work and no play made Jack a dull boy’!


After Work Drinks Party Rules

After-work drinks after office hours is a soothing hour for the people who have spend their whole day behind a desk, in front of a computer or in a conference room. But many professional workers think that after-work drinks cross the lines from professionalism to personal which is not good for work environment. But, the majority of the workers admit that it is a good way of spending some happy hours after their busy work schedules.

However, in after-work drinks parties you must need to remember some points when you are with your office boss and other professionals. You can make the party as a success party or an asset in your work. There are some points given below which you can follow to make your drink party a successful one.


  • You must see your after-work drink party as a networking opportunity. Focus on how you can impress your boss by your activities. Avoid getting trapped by drinking competition which may spoil your night.
  • Always try to bond up with your work team. Do not end up with gossiping with a superior or favorite co-worker. If your co-worker is a person with opposite sex then you have to be aware because it may lead to some bad rumors about you. You may damage your carrier because of this kind of foolishness activities.
  • After works drinks party specially occurs at night timing that is after the office works are completed. So, you must make an exit plan by stating some important points to your colleagues or boss. You can also say that you must leave to take a good night sleep so that you can come to the office in exact time in next morning.
  • Try to make your interaction professional as much as possible. Do not discuss any personal things and try to take a glass of alcohol to show the co-workers that you are no-different than them.


  • You must not drink too much. We all are familiar with how one or two glass drink becomes uncountable glasses of drinks if we cannot control ourselves. Avoid drinking with everybody and if it is necessary to drink something with everyone try to drink soft drinks with low alcohol.
  • Never try to drink alcohol on empty stomach. It can lead to vomiting and spoil your after-works drinks party. This type of parties mostly held at after work hours which mean that after 4-5 hours of your lunch. So, you must remember to take some light foods before joining to drink party.
  • Do not drive if you think that you have consumed a lot of alcohol. It may happen that you love to consume alcohol and in after-works drinks party you have consumed more than enough. In such situation you must not drive and call your family member or friends or driver to drive you back to your home. Moreover, you can easily call a cab to avoid any risk of accident.

After-work drinks party is a great way to know your co-workers and your boss apart from offices. If you can play a good rule and keep yourself professional then the party can easily bring greater future prospects.

Take a glance at this new Toronto Bar

D.W Alexander was respected man in past decades and was famous for old fashioned work cocktails and camaraderie in his time. To bring flawlessness in the ambiance and for knowing many facts about this new Toronto bar we can go back in time and turn pages of Toronto history. In that time old underground store and big bull horns were present. Junk food and cocktails are the only finest things about this place. The exotic lighting, the d.j music and eating corners make it most delightful as well as soothing place, and very fascinating. If you want to enjoy great evening then go through for D.W Alexander and can make your eve very chilling.

Families and friends can have blast with friends and can feel the coziness of this place. This drinkery was inaugurated on birthday of Toronto city and opened for several media people and localized people. This is well known for its lovely ethnicity and about this location it’s said that here bar club is very special place for drinker people. It crawl eyes of everyone coming from different parts of world and make their evening very special. From outer space it looks like some old horny museum which have old buildings and there exterior is yet very fascinating and grab customer attention also.

While roaming at this place you will perceive that the interior decoration of the place has been made to re-establish the club looks very fascinating and charming. The astonishing elements are the intellectual merge of gathering and enjoying modern ethinicity of this place. No one can deny DW Alexander which makes evening very pleasant and create rejoice moment for anyone to enjoy their evening with close friends. There are numbers of people who gone through Toronto history and found that drinkeries most favorite place is this where they can enjoy there day with their loved ones and enjoy luscious drinking in different flavors.

This place is very rugged place and hard core drinkers come here to stay for months to enjoy cocktails parties’ .But, the custom got exaggerated with the beginning of new times and new era. D.W Alexander is merely a souvenir of the prehistoric olden times of Toronto and its golden times. Fixtures about this Toronto bar it is said that aroma and the music of this place all strike a chord of those days. The gadgets and fascinating time will make anyone feel special and get more pleasant memories forever. Those who have not thus far been at D.W Alexander, definitely has a lot of cause for going there.

First of all, the foodstuff and cocktails drink of the place is simply radiant. One can seize a collection of artistic cocktails which have previously receive fame in this arena. Dazzling mock tails, finest ingredients, which are best, reason to forfeit this place. The people, who have previously been here, say about this Toronto bar, this place is very supreme for reunions and for freezing out evenings. These lovely building pays worship to him and his well-known big business career. He owned a much admired solitary fleece trading business which was situated in Western Canada.

This is renowned by the proprietor of D.W Alexander will take you reverse to the epoch where you can enjoy your lovely moments with your friends.D.W Alexander had made lot of efforts to inaugurate the lovely place. People actually pleased with the lovely food, drinks and broad ambiance of this place makes everyone glorifying. So it’s very important to know about DW Alexander and is very renowned as tribute is paid to Alexander the great who have built this building with his great anxiety to get possessions in this world and everyone can enjoy the attractive movement with friends and colleagues.

There are cocktails, mock tails and many drinks which serve them best. The merge of antique and modernity has made this place very decorative and interior looks very cozy.  In past history people found that this building is very pre historic monument which influences by its weather and lovely cuisine drinks and many more elements which effect and harmonizes dazzling evening of everyone. So if you are thinking to enjoy luscious moment with loved ones then search online for Toronto bar DW Alexander and enjoy lovely twilight with joyous drinking.